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If you've ever thought about starting a business, this is the show for you. Each week, host Aaron Bushell interviews entrepreneurs and small business owners who left the 9-5 and went to work for themselves and asks, looking back with the benefit of hindsight, what went right and what would they have done differently.
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The Benefit of Hindsight | Inspiring Aspiring Entrepreneurs



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Aug 26, 2015

Episode 016 | Jake Williams, Fireshark Gaming | Immersive Video Game

What Is An Immersive Video Game Experience?

Jake Williams is one of the owners of Fireshark Gaming, which can only be described as an immersive video game experience.  In other words, you are IN the game, walking around, controlling your character and battling against your friends.  If you are like me and you grew up watching movies like Tron or War Games, then this is like a dream come true.  I can hardly do it justice by writing about it.  Instead, here is a video showing some scenes from inside the game.

Youtube link

Cool, right?  I have been there myself and it's pretty amazing to walk into a room and see a game going on all around you.  When I say it is an immersive video game, I mean that the game is being played on the walls and floor of the room you are in, projected by 18 high-powered projectors suspended from the ceiling.  You are literally walking around in the game.  

This week, I got to sit down with Jake Williams. Jake has been with Fireshark from the beginning, helping inventor and co-owner Kent Johnson with design and testing of the protoype, picking a location, working with a contractor to build out the building and then taking over the day to day operations of the business as General Manager.  Not a thing goes on at the business that Jake is not aware of. Even more interesting, Jake left a pretty comfortable job on a trading desk at Koch Industries to step out on a limb and try his hand at entrepreneurship. But Jake isn't thinking about what he left behind.  His focus is on growing Fireshark into a world-wide phenomenon.  He's starting on the right foot.


Show Notes:

7:20 What is an immersive video game?

10:02 Why did you quit your day job to try your hand at running a business?

12:03 What challenges have you faced in starting a business like this?

15:06 What was the first day of business like?

17:34 What does the day to day operation of the business look like?

20:00 What is something you wish you had done differently?

21:04 What is something you really did right?

22:35 How long does it take to develop a new video game from start to finish?

24:15 What is the biggest expense for the business?

28:33 What is going on with Fireshark Gaming right now?


Where Can You Find Fireshark Gaming?

The storefront is located in northeast Wichita, KS near the intersection of 21st and Greenwich.  If you drop in and try it out, let Jake know and he will get you your first game for FREE.

11310 E 21st St, Wichita, KS 67206

(316) 260-2711

Twitter: @Firesharkgaming

Facebook: Fireshark Gaming

Youtube: Wichita East Fireshark Gaming

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Aug 19, 2015

Episode 015 | Aman Mann, Procurify | Procurement Software

My guest this week is Aman Mann, Co-Founder and CEO of Procurify, a Canadian technology startup that is a fully featured cloud-based procurement software purchasing platform for managing direct and indirect spending of a company’s supply chain. 

Behind the title is a man who strives to constantly improve, not just himself but those around him. Aman is very involved in the tech and startup community and is often a coach/mentor/speaker for events such as Startup Weekend, BCTIA, Startup NEXT, post secondary and their affiliate organizations and more. Recently Aman drove Procurify to raise a $4 million seed round from Nexus Ventures, Point Nine Capital, BDC of Canada, Ryan Holmes, and Steve Johnson. His unique personality coupled with a philosophy of living life with good intentions and helping others before himself is the reason behind his success. Like the values Procurify is built upon, Aman believes a successful business begins, above all else, with a supportive and dedicated team. Aman’s goals with Procurify are to support a great company with a strong team, provide an excellent product experience and always be achieving outstanding customer success. 

Show Notes:

4:30 What is Procurify?

7:32 What did Aman do before he founded Procurify?

12:35 What was the biggest challenge he faced in getting the business off the ground? 15:20 What was it like pitching venture capital investors to get funding for the business?

19:00 What are the Core Values at Procurify and how do they effect the way the team runs the company?22:48 What does the day to day operation of the business look like?25:40 What does he wish he had done differently?
27:26 What is one thing that he did right?28:32 What is going on with Procurify right now, where can you find the company online and a special discount offer for new Procurify listeners.

Thank you for sharing your story with Hindsight Nation, Aman.

Where Can You Find Procurify?

Online at

On Twitter @Procurify

One Facebook

And if you are interested in their procurement software, let them know you heard about it on The Benefit of Hindsight and you will get a 20% discount.

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Aug 12, 2015

Episode 014 | Brent Bressler, Bressler Ventures | Buy and Sell a Business

My guest this week is Brent Bressler, owner of Bressler Ventures.  Brent is a Primary Business Consultant and a Certified Estate Planning Professional, what he does with Bressler Ventures is help people buy and sell a business. Throughout his fifteen year career owning Bressler Ventures, Brent has worked with hundreds of business owners which gives him unique insight into life as a small business owner and solopreneur.  He has seen first hand what happens when someone tries to sell their business and has helped both buyers and sellers get a fair deal when they want to buy and sell a business.

I wanted to talk to Brent today to get his advice on something that many startup businesses might be thinking in the back of their mind, but few put any effort into.  What is the end game?  It's easy to focus all of your attention on starting the business, growing the business and managing the business, but what about the eventuality of selling the business?  That is where Brent comes in.  Brent is able to bring an independent outside perspective to a business deal, which makes him and his advice incredibly valuable.

Between Brent's advice on how to buy and sell a business and Russell Carswell's advice on how to manage the finances of your business, potential small business owners should have all of the information they need to both start and sell their company.

Show Notes:

3:35 What is Bressler Ventures and what does Brent do?

5:22 What was it like to start Bressler Ventures?

6:43 What was the number one challenge he faced when starting his business?

9:20 What does the day to day operation of Bressler Ventures look like?

14:48 What is one thing he wishes he would have done differently?

17:36 What is one thing he got right?

20:01 What is going on with Bressler Ventures right now?

Where Can You Find Bressler Ventures?

If you want to buy and sell a business, call Brent for a free consultation.  You can check out his website at or call his office at (316) 744-8020.

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