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If you've ever thought about starting a business, this is the show for you. Each week, host Aaron Bushell interviews entrepreneurs and small business owners who left the 9-5 and went to work for themselves and asks, looking back with the benefit of hindsight, what went right and what would they have done differently.
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The Benefit of Hindsight | Inspiring Aspiring Entrepreneurs


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Feb 3, 2016

Episode 020 | Joe Fairless | The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

My guest this week is Joe Fairless, owner of Fairless Investing, fellow podcaster and host of The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show.  Joe and I talk about all kinds of things, from his initial foray into real estate investing, to how he manages his day.  We talk quite a bit about his podcast, why he started it and how it has helped his business grow.

Where Can You Find Joe?

His investing website is:

A link to his podcast on iTunes: The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless podcast

Check him out on Twitter: @InvestFairless

And Facebook:

Show Notes

4:00 Welcome Joe to the show!

4:40 How does Joe handle doing a new podcast episode every single day?

7:00 How did Joe get involved in real estate investing?

11:45 What is Door Devil and how is he involved with the company, in addition to his other ventures?

12:40 How did he go from investing in single-family residential properties to investing in large-scale commercial real estate?

14:50 What does his real estate portfolio consist of right now?  What was it like, buying that first large property?

16:20 What does a typical day look like for Joe?  How does he balance all of his different time commitments?

21:30 How does Joe stick to his commitment to create something every single day? How does that impact how he feels about his days?

23:35 With the benefit of hindsight, what would Joe have done differently?

27:04 What is one thing Joe did right?

31:54 What is going on with Fairless Investing and The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever show?

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